100 new drawings, offset printed in dark brown ink, bound together on thick, recycled paper, limited run of 500. $15, plus $2 postage.

Buy online here:

Or in person from Wooly Bully, Friends of the Earth, Brunswick Bound, Hares & Hyenas, Brunswick Street Books, Polyester, Sticky, Polyester Records, Minotaur and Readings. Gleebooks in Sydney and Format in Adelaide.

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James said...

I bought your book the other day at Minoaour by random chance. I picked it up because the cover appealed to me and after reading a few pages and noticing the $15.00 price tag I come to purchasing it. It's amazing! I mean that with complete sincerity. Loved every single drawing and word in it! The guy behind the counter thought I was your friend because I was the first one to buy a copy from there. Which kind of confused me at the time because I had no idea who you were or that you were local or just starting out ect. I've showed a few friends the book and told them where they could buy it! I really hope they do because I couldn't stress enough how much I loved it. The guy behind the counter (I'm assuming he knows you cause he said he was gonna tell you that they sold a copy) also informed me of your first book which I intend to acquire at the next given opportunity. When he said the title to me he said it at quite a loud volume which made me uncomfortable which I liked. Keep up the good work! Wishing you all the best!