I am reading and thinking about seizures and how they've been viewed through history for a new comic I'm drawing. Here are some pictures I found.

This man is robbing someone who is having a seizure. Restrain your judgement though as he is probably having a cunt of a time too.

The person having the seizure will have no memory of the time surrounding the episode.

An EEG scan of someone's brain waves while they have a seizure.

Dogs can have seizures too (they can also be trained to reassure and assist humans who have seizures).

Seizures are sometimes referred to as 'a storm within'.

a, b, c, d.

Popular culture has been responsible for a lot of misconceptions about epilepsy. Over the past 4,000 years, people who suffer seizures have been seen variously as the Gods incarnate, possessed by demons, witches, enlightened shamans. There have been attempts to wipe out all sufferers of epilepsy in several countries. They have been castrated, burnt at the stake, had holes drilled through their skulls, imprisoned and worshipped.


nudel said...

I remember a movie called Lamb. Liam Neeson played a priest who looked after an epileptic kid... Eventually he kidnapped the kid and drowned him at sea to put him out of his misery. But I specifically remember how the kid described how it felt just before he was about to have a fit - when he knew it was coming... He said that it suddenly felt like everything was right - the colours were 'right' and the sounds were somehow 'right.'... It's a feeling that I *think* I've felt at the briefest moments of synaesthesia that I've experienced.

katiebree said...

Sam: have you read the comic/graphic novel 'Epileptic' by French writer David B.? Highly recommended. P.S Love the flower drawin's. x x